All thanks to Charles, today I feel much more confident in managing myself & my well being. ...beside taking care of the mechanical aspect of my pain (and you are great at that), you have helped build my confidence...

Aakriti M.

My PT recommended I see Charles King after unsuccessfully reducing my hip bursitis pain.  He raved about Charles and how he treats from a more holistic (not the crunchy granola kind) approach vs localized treatment.  He said he was/is a 'next level' PT and that I needed that.  He was right! I've been to 3 sessions with Charles and I am already feeling a difference - less pain, walking better and dancing with minimal pain.  My hips have been a problem for 2 years and at it's worst it would keep me up a night, every night.I can see the pain-free light at the end of the tunnel!I kinda feel like I've been let in on an industry secret and if the secret gets out he'll be booked up for months.Charles is amazing! Don't suffer in pain like I did, make an appointment. NOW!

Diana M.

Charlie says he's a physical therapist, but I'm pretty sure that's just a disguise so that he can move freely in society. He's actually a wizard.

I was hit by a car while biking to work in October 2014. When I went to my doctor about my injury, I was told to wait it out, since "it might get better on its own." Well, it didn't, so after two months of pain and reduced activity, I asked my friends for physical therapy recommendations.

One of my friends, herself a physical therapist, recommended Charlie. She said he saved her from another hip surgery. She raved about him. And she was right.

1) Charlie is incredibly kind, humble, and approachable, and he bends over backwards to make sure you are aware of and comfortable with what's going on. In the simplest terms, he is a good person.
2) Charlie is amazing at what he does. There's a reason he's the physical therapists' physical therapist.

In our very first appointment, he was able to quickly assess what was going on with my body, and do a few quick adjustments/magic tricks that immediately brought me pain relief, increased flexibility, and increased strength. That's obviously a case-by-case thing, but after months of being demoralized by my injuries and dismissed by my doctor, it felt like a miracle that Charlie listened to me, listened to my body, and got to the bottom of things on our first session.

I wasn't completely fixed after one session, but a few weeks with Charlie got me to a point where I felt comfortable following through with my plans to fulfill my dream of cycling up to the summit of Haleakala.

I've been seeing him for a while now as we work to get my body back to pre-collision levels (and expand to treat some preexisting issues), and I look forward to every session, both because of the quality of the treatment, and also because I just enjoy Charlie's company.

Adam D.

I'm a healed woman--it's like I've shed ten years and the vague melancholy I've carried around from being in back pain for half a year. I'm so unbelievably grateful for Charlie's help. We traversed a lot of territory in our couple of months together, and he handled it all with professionalism, wisdom, attention, and humor. I hope I don't break again, but if I do, I'm relieved he's a phone call away.

Johanna S.

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