Pre- and Post-Surgical Treatments

Knee replacement implant medical concept as a human leg anatomy after a prosthetic surgery as a musculoskeletal disease treatment symbol for orthopedics with 3D illustration elements.

Surgery is never an option to be taken lightly, but we are all fortunate that it exists when it is necessary.

At Beacon Physical Therapy, we know that even the most skilled surgeon would prefer their patient to enter in to the operation as strong as possible.  This maximizes the beneficial outcomes of the surgery.

We encourage people considering surgery to come to physical therapy for “pre-hab.”  Getting stronger and more mobile does indeed improve the outcomes of surgery. Even more, though, we have the time to help you to understand the implications of the procedure.  Our skilled physical therapists will work with you to teach you how to function within the restrictions post surgery.  This might include avoiding a certain movement that may endanger a joint replacement or discussing strategies for activities as basic as dressing or getting to/from work.

On a number of occasions, we have had patients cancel or postpone their surgeries after receiving the skilled treatments at Beacon Physical Therapy, but of course this cannot be guaranteed.

For those that do have surgeries, we will work closely with your surgeon to understand the individual post-surgical protocol.  Every doctor has a different plan, so we do our best to keep them apprised of your progress.  Depending on that protocol and which surgery you require, early rehabilitation may be simple management of swelling and small range of motion exercises.  As soon as possible, though, the experts at Beacon Physical Therapy will get you back to full strength, mobility, and be certain that your surgery is a success.

We’ve had experience working with many surgeries, from ankle replacements to cervical fusions and everything in between.