Ergonomic / Postural Consults

Ergonomic / Postural Consults

There is nothing more frustrating than to be told to simply “sit up straight!”  The industry of ergonomic consults and postural recommendations has gone for decades without a valid, measurable and reproducible set of tests to determine what really is
“good posture.”

At Beacon Physical Therapy, our staff are trained by the Institute of Physical Art in the Saliba Postural Classification System.  This system allows us to identify different types of “bad” or inefficient posture.  Based on this information, we can make specific and detailed recommendations for all activities including sitting, standing, lifting and more.

Posture is essential for office-based workers and we can make recommendations on your chair, standing desk, computer set up and other things.  However, ergonomics is also about how you use your surroundings and supports.  Even with the greatest and most expensive chair and desk set up, one can still make poor choices without even knowing it.

Also, the need for efficient posture is not limited to work.  The strategies we will teach you will include: Appropriate set up for driving, airplane seats, and even functional activities such as carrying luggage or loading the dishwasher.  The millions of little movement choices each of us makes daily add up, and can create better function and comfort or lead to pain and problems.  We can show you the difference between poor alignment and efficient alignment with a series of Functional Tests to make it clear how best to use your body.

When necessary and possible, we will even try to organize a time we can meet you in your office, at your car, or wherever you are finding the most difficulty “sitting up straight!”