treating shoulder pain

At Beacon Physical Therapy, we see patients with shoulder issues as a result of a traumatic injury, overuse, or post surgery.

There are a number of joints and muscles in the shoulder girdle which can lead to pain and restriction. Our physical therapists have extensive knowledge of the anatomy in this area and are able to identify the specific components contributing to your shoulder dysfunction.

We take a more global view to address the cervical and thoracic spines which commonly contribute to shoulder pain. We frequently find that by engaging the stabilizers of the neck, we can get improved strength in the muscles of the shoulder. This is a key component to promoting long-term stability of the shoulder.

We also address thoracic spine mobility and look at the positioning of your shoulder blade (called the scapula) on your rib cage to make sure it is positioned in a way to decrease stress on the shoulder and surrounding muscles. We spend time performing neuromuscular re-education to improve muscle firing of the scapular and rotator cuff stabilizers and discuss changes in your posture to promote improved positioning of the shoulder throughout your daily activities.

For individuals with limited range of motion in the shoulders as a result of injury or surgery, we perform a series of mobilizations which are effective at achieving significant gains in mobility after just one visit.

After all of our manual treatments, our neuromuscular re-education specifically targets areas of weakness and challenges your muscles to fire in a way they likely have never done before. As you improve, our physical therapists are skilled at progressing your home exercise program with unique exercises to help you work toward your specific functional goals.