Chronic Pain Conditions/Syndromes

Treating Chronic Pain Conditions and Syndromes

Chronic Pain syndromes are some of the most confounding and debilitating conditions.

Diagnoses such as complex regional pain syndrome, fibromyalgia, reflex sympathetic dystrophy and other disorders all share an aspect known as central sensitization.  This is a response from the nervous system to create an increased reactivity to normal stimuli.

This can happen for a multitude of reasons, but one thing is always true.  People that suffer from these pain syndromes are not imagining or making up the pain.  Unfortunately, in the medical profession and the world in general, there is a lack of understanding and often a lack of compassion.

At Beacon Physical Therapy, the staff knows this pain is real and very complicated.  We address the situation from multiple angles.  There are usually true musculoskeletal components that need to be addressed and require skilled manual therapy.  Often, there are postural and motor control deficiencies that we will work with you to correct.

We will make recommendations about sleep and nutrition that play a crucial role in your recovery. Most importantly, we discuss with and educate patients about their chronic pain condition.  Research has proven that when someone understands their condition better, the fear and the mystery surrounding the pain is reduced and the pain itself lessens.

We will help you to increase your function and get you back to the activities that mean the most.