Treating Hand and Arm Injuries

The experienced physical therapists at Beacon Physical Therapy are able to address injuries at the elbow, wrist, and hand using a comprehensive approach.

We look at the upper extremity as a whole to determine if a component of your arm or hand pain is coming from the neck or shoulder.  Oftentimes,  pain in the arm originates in the neck.  We are able to identify referred pain patterns from the neck and address nerve irritation into the arm which may be the result of neck dysfunction.

Our advanced manual therapy techniques address localized soft tissue and joint restrictions in the arm and hand followed by neuromuscular re-education to ensure the surrounding musculature is firing appropriately. We integrate the wrist and hand into more global shoulder and arm movements to ensure all of the muscles in your upper extremities are firing as a whole for efficient movement during your daily and recreational activities.

Our physical therapists spend time discussing strategies to reduce stress on the elbow, wrist, and hand and teach you how to use your entire body in a more efficient way to avoid overuse and re-injury of these areas.

Whether you are rehabilitating from arm/hand surgery, an acute injury, carpal tunnel syndrome or more chronic conditions, we will be able to guide you through the process to ensure you can safely return to all of your daily and recreational activities without limitation.