Our Mission

At Beacon Physical Therapy, our mission is to help any person that comes through our doors do what they want to do better and without pain.  This can be as basic as completing their job as a desk worker to shaving seconds off the time of an Olympic athlete.

We do help alleviate pain, but we do so by focusing on function.  To this end, our staff are all either certified in or training towards their certification in Functional Manual Therapy ™ through the Institute of Physical Art.

Our training does not stop there, though.  Each therapist is passionate about the work they do, and completes a wide variety of continuing education — oftentimes, more training than is required.  We love what we do and it shows.

Our History

While practicing in New York City, Charles — the founder of Beacon Physical Therapy — would often be asked “who practices like you in the Bay Area?”  He realized there were very few Certified Functional Manual Therapists (CFMTs) and no Fellows of Functional Manual Therapy (FFMTs) in Northern California.


New York City

He spent two years as the Clinical Director of the Vardan Physiotherapy Center, where he was responsible for the teaching and direction of many talented PTs. Following his return to the USA, he completed his Fellowship with the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists at the prestigious IPA Manhattan center.
downtown san francisco2014

Relocation to Bay Area

In 2014, his family moved to the West Coast and opened Charles King Physical Therapy, Inc. The result of this decision speaks for itself, and by mid-2015, he needed help to keep up with all the people seeking care.

A Growing Team

Dr. Lauren VanCitters was the next Physical Therapist to join him.

A New Name

As the staff continued to grow, the name no longer fit. Beacon Physical Therapy was born at the end of 2016. By any name, our Physical Therapists are able to get results when other treatments have failed.