Neck Pain and Injuries

Treating Neck Pain and Neck Injuries

The physical therapists at Beacon Physical Therapy have extensive experience treating people with neck injuries caused by car accidents, falls, or degeneration over time.

Whether you have a traumatic injury, wake up one day with a “kink in your neck,” or experience radicular neck pain we will be able to help you.

First, we will discuss the positioning of your neck so you can be more comfortable during daily activities including sleeping, working, and while performing household duties. If your neck pain is related to your posture, we will spend time working with you to modify the position at your desk, car, or even while traveling on an airplane.

Our recommendations may be a little unconventional (they can involve more supports than you might be used to), but they work to get people in a more comfortable position to decrease stress on their neck. Our advanced manual therapy techniques will address localized soft tissue and joint restrictions in the neck. Our therapists look at the body as a whole to identify other areas of restriction including: The thoracic spine, shoulder girdles, and cranium which could be pulling on the neck.

We have specialized tests to identify neural tension which is a critical component to address for full resolution of neck pain. We will perform neuromuscular re-education to ensure the appropriate muscles are firing in the most efficient sequence during various actions of the arms and trunk. Addressing neural tension and performing neuromuscular re-education to train your muscles how to fire appropriately are some of the critical components that lead to lasting improvements in radicular neck pain.

We will recommend therapeutic exercises to be performed at home that will promote neck and shoulder stability, strength, and flexibility. These exercises will help to maintain the improvements achieved during your therapy sessions and allow you to work on specific regions of weakness outside of the time spent with your physical therapist.